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Worker’s Compensation

If you have been hurt at work, you need an experienced lawyer fighting for your rights. Koth Gregory & Nieminski has decades of experience representing the rights of men and women throughout Illinois who were injured on the job. Workers’ Compensation claims are handled differently than other injury claims, which is why you need a lawyer who is familiar with the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission and the arbitration process. Our attorneys at Koth Gregory & Nieminski know many of the local arbitrators as well as the appellate panels of the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission. In addition, we have handled appeals to the Circuit Court and Worker’s Compensation Division of the Appellate Court.

At Koth Gregory & Nieminski, it is our goal to provide our worker’s compensation clients with what they need. Your worker’s compensation case may need artful negotiating skills. Your worker’s compensation case may need experienced litigation skills in court. Your worker’s compensation case may need both, as well as counseling and other legal services. Koth, Gregory, & Nieminski experience and desire to serve our worker’s compensation clients ensures that your needs will be satisfied.

The most common cases we see are those involving an accident while at work, resulting in a head, spine (back/neck), or shoulder injury. Working construction or other intense manual labor often results in a pulled back muscle, hernia, or a slipped disk. A torn rotator cuff/labrum and other shoulder related injuries are also common.

Some of the cases we have are not due to a specific incident, rather they are slow developing injuries caused by years of engaging in the same repetitive motions on a daily basis, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and/or other hand and wrist pain or discomfort.

Workers’ compensation losses may include lost income or time from work, medical expenses both past and future, and compensation for permanent injuries resulting from the accident. At Koth Gregory & Nieminski, one firm does it all. We handle your worker’s compensation claim from start to finish. As a work-related injury victim with a worker’s compensation claim, your main concerns are getting back to work, getting paid until you do, receiving the medical care that you need, and being fully compensated for any injury or disability whether temporary or permanent. We fully understand that justice delayed is justice denied. We aggressively fight for maximum compensation and work diligently to bring closure to your worker’s compensation case as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been involved in a work-related accident or know someone who has and needs representation regarding a worker’s compensation claim, Call 309-828-5090

We are proud to serve clients throughout Illinois, including those in McLean County, Peoria County, Tazewell County, Marshall County, Woodford County, DeWitt County, Logan County, Ford County, Livingston County, Macon County, Will County, Grundy County, and Champaign County. For people in Bloomington/Normal our office is located in historic downtown Bloomington at 420 N Main Street. For people in Pekin, East Peoria, and Peoria, our attorneys spend Mondays and Fridays in Peoria for court, so we may be available by appointment in your town on those days. However, for people who have busy schedules or do not live in Bloomington/Normal or the greater Peoria area, we are available by phone and video conferencing as well.?